3 Interesting Things To Know About Purple Mattress Marketing

Mattresses are basic necessities for everyone irrespective of age. Over time this has been the core marketing principle that many mattresses company ride upon.

Interesting Things To Know About Purple Mattress Marketing

You would want to ask yourself why any mattress company would spend so much time and effort on marketing like any other product, your best answer might just be to outdo other competitors, which is quite basic.

Purple has proved that beyond interest in outselling other competitors, is its core interest in ensuring customer satisfaction and is ready to take their message to as many as possible.

Purple mattress marketing strategies are quite regular, but the way they go about creating their contents and getting their potential customers to purchase would amaze you.

Mattresses over the years have witnessed evolution since it came to stay, ranging from hard, soft to medium textured designs, some come with remote controls that allow you switch between the options, getting used to these designs could make anyone indifferent about a new mattress company.

Purple, coming up as a wellness and fitness technology came up with several marketing strategies to create an awareness of the uniqueness of their products to everyone.

Using a variety of tools, they make it a point of duty to educate their customers on the difference between their products and any regular mattress.

3 Interesting Things to Know About Purple Mattress Marketing

Purpleengages in the use of Video Marketing to promote their products. They use good International relationship management through social media platforms to streghthen customer loyalty and feedback.

They also uses an external Partnership and perspective to locate their potential customers and how they perceive their product through the marketing tools used.

1. Superb video marketing:

Purple Mattress Marketing

Video marketing is an evolving marketing strategy that product marketers are currently buying into. When it comes to Purple mattress marketing,the company has a knack for showing it’s customers why they should go for their product,in the most finessed way.

They leverage on the fact that they know, everyone regardless of occupational differences and individual status quo desires utmost comfort when it comes to sleep.

They engage in the art of making videos consistently to show you that they understand your need and are ready to deliver, as your comfort is their priority.

Almost every product comes with a DIY manual, but Purple understands that going through a manual or a myriad of articles concerning what they offer might be boring.

The company instead takes visual education into consideration. In the process of educating potential customers, they make the experience equally entertaining, which in turn triggers the urgency of the customer’s need to purchase the product.

This way, Purple through the intent of education, effectively markets its mattresses to its customers.

Video Marketing has been at the core of Purple mattress marketing, from its inception in 2015 till date. This has earned it an amazing customer base within a short period, since it came to stay.

It would amaze you to know that Purple has an in-house studio and a team dedicated to the singular purpose of passing their message to customers, that they understand the ‘Science of Sleep’.

2. Amazing Social Media Engagement:

Best way how to sell Purple Mattress

Everyone uses social media, so it’s easy to get on the platforms and make all the possible noise you can and still not get results.

This is not the case for Purple as it takes its social media engagement seriously. Another marketing strategy, at the core of Purple mattress marketing, is social media.

Purple, through its social media platforms, create an amazing relationship with its client such that everyone feels special and is adequately attended to.

Beyond just selling mattresses, Purple is much more concerned about its clients and has a unique way of responding to each person’s request from purchase to delivery.

This interpersonal relationship goes way beyond ensuring purchase but more ensuring loyalty on the part of the customers.

It works so well that the clients, not only return for future purchases but also refer other family and friends equally searching for quality mattresses from a reliable source, to their darling mattress company.

Since everyone loves to be treated special and not just a number in the statistics, Purple takes its customer relationship quite seriously though Social media and it has yielded the company amazing results proportional to sales.

3. External Partnership and Perspectives:

Purple Mattress Marketing Strategies

The aim of every business is to make sales and this doesn’t exempt Purple. One Purple mattress marketing strategy is External Partnership. Purple teams up with other companies with similar vision and sales platform to get in the faces of their clients.

Amazon is a major online store, where Purple displays its product to potential buyers. It doesn’t just hope that everyone would see their videos or crawl up to their social media platforms to make inquiries.

Partnership with Amazon gives it leverage to be seen by all potential customers regardless of occupational differences, background or location.

It further goes on to contract outsiders to give an analytical view of their marketing tools in order to understand their customer’s perspective of their products.

These practice helps them to be stronger and more productive in their customer relationship, as knowledge of external perspective helps to bring out their best in customer satisfaction and proportionately increase sales and customer loyalty.

One More Thing that might Interest You About Purple Mattress Marketing:

There are quite a number of things about Purple Mattress marketing that might interest you. Despite the fact that making sales is Purple’s aim, it doesn’t shove its product down anyone’s throat, it operates a money-back guarantee, in the case of customer dissatisfaction.

This shows how committed Purple is to product marketing, they start by giving you their best and continue to take the stress of delivery off you.

Hence when they delve into marketing they achieve maximum results because they’re who they say they are. The most part that interests me here is the subsidiary products.

Not only do they stop at providing quality mattresses, they equally meet the need for sheets and pillows, which they necessarily do not have to market, as customer satisfaction from the mattress and loyalty does the marketing for those. You bet purple knows their game and how to play it well when it comes to customer satisfaction.