5 Best Income School’s Podcast You NEED To Listen To

When it comes to learning about how to make money online, monetizing your site and gaining followers, Income School is dedicated to leading its audience by the hand, step by step.

If you’re familiar with the Income School website, you would have been exposed to a number of income school podcast, educative articles such as how to create niche sites that generate reasonable profits, how to build your own source(s) of passive income online and a host of others.

Why You Should Listen To Income School Podcast

As as a digital entrepreneur, it’s important to get all the knowledge you can to gain maximum profit.

Income school Podcasts are a bank of Valuable resources, showing how best to maximize your income online based on a variety opportunities available, ranging from blogging, podcasting, SEO, treating your website visitors, to how to gain traffic to your sites amongst others.

Most of the Income School Podcasts are available for free downloads and can serve as a great guide to building your knowledge base when it comes to earning online.

The income school podcasts equally created by veterans in their field (Jim Harmer and Ricky Keslar), they’ve gathered experience over the years that they’ve made available to newbie online earners and knowbies who are looking for new interests and ways to improve their already existing platform.

Here Are 5 BEST Income School’s Podcasts You NEED To Listen To:

How to Retire Rich, Finding Your Internet Marketing Niche, Creating A Shockingly Helpful Website, 5 Productivity Tips for Starting a Side Business and Monetizing Your Site.

1. How to Retire Rich:

This podcast focuses on how to maximize your income, not just spending all of it. In maximizing your income, you learn to save some amount of money monthly, with which you could invest in several high yield opportunities.

2. Finding Your Internet Marketing Niche:

This podcast helps you to see how you can find the topic that really impresses you and how you can be devoted to sharing valuable content on the topic till you begin to make substantial income out of it.

3. Creating a Shockingly Helpful Website:

The podcast describes how you could possibly hone your website’s content, working on it such that everything your visitor needs to find concerning what you’re sharing is within it.

4. Five Productivity Tips for Starting a Side Business:

The podcast will show you how to maximize your time effectively such that you’ll be able to achieve and manage the projects on your goal list which might include starting a side business.

5. Monetizing Your Site:

The podcast helps you to prioritize your income earning strategy, by showing you which of the strategies should go first and which should come last, while building the audience for your site.

Other Helpful Income School Podcasts You Should Listen To

There are a number of resourceful income school podcastsyou might want to, listen to aside the few ones listed above. Here’s a list of others that might equally pique your interest in website earning as a newbie and broaden your knowledge as a knowbie.

  • How I Earned $505,813 From My Blog Last Year
  • Developing Your Publishing Routine
  • How to Get Traffic to New Website
  • The Technology that Strangles Online Businesses
  • The Business Lesson Nobody Wants
  • How Full-time Bloggers Really Earn Their Living
  • SEO
  • Nine WordPress Mistakes
  • An Attorney’s Guide to Internet Business
  • 10 Business Lessons I Learnt This Month

What Is Income School’s Project 24?

This is an online Video and Audio Course that shows you extensively, how to build niche Websites from start to finish. In the case where you’ve never had any prior experience on writing, website management or even on Search Engine Optimization Marketing, Income School’s Project 24 will show you how.

It is a 60-step action plan that shows you how to make passive income by working hard. It also includes interface where facilitators add new content, as it’s being learnt and tested for effectiveness.

2 Major Reasons Why Your Podcast Many Not Be Getting The Needed Attention

1. It Sounds Too Disorganized

Most people are able to spot a great show when they see one. So, if you will have a podcast that will have a lot of subscribers, you might as well take great care to make each episode purposeful.

Find out what interests your audience and give it to them. You can’t make the show all about yourself or what you think. Threading this path will not get you those return listeners you crave so much.

What then is the solution? Just like it has been mentioned above.

Trying not to stray from the topic you and your co-host are talking about is very important. You also need to be as direct as possible, there is absolutely no need to beat around.

Before the start of an episode, make sure that you state the points that will be talked about as fast as possible.

Having segments for your show will definitely help solve a lot of your problems. on most radio shows, the shows are broken up into segments.

This will greatly help your episodes to be more organized and it would not seem so monotonous. At the same time, allowing you to talk about all that you want to.

2. It Sounds Too Organized 

There is an absolute difference when a person is reading from a script and when he or she is speaking off hand. Your listeners can easily pick up a fake, it lacks excitement and it could be a piss off. Whatever you do, do not read from a script.

One of the first things to do is to try out co-hosting. While your co-host takes over from you, this will afford you enough time to go over what you want to say next and gather your thoughts appropriately.

This is one major reason why most presenters flop. It’s almost like you are having a dialogue or a conversation. It reduced the tension and makes the show more realistic.

An outline also comes in handy a lot. It’s understandable that talking is not so easy for you, even if it is with someone else.  Having an outline could prove to be very helpful.

This will guide you and help you remember all you want to talk about. In between, you get the chance to input some unplanned words.

One advantage of using an outline is that it is not easily noticeable unlike when you have a script covering the entire show.