post retirement

Financial tips post retirement

Retirement is a huge step in one’s life and life after it will change entirely. Especially financially, even though you might be receiving a pension, it might not be as much as your earlier income and hence might not be enough to make both ends meet. Retiring means you have a lot more time on your hands, time that often makes many retirees lazy and dependent. It is important that you don’t let this happen to you and instead use the time you have, productively and in a way that helps you regain your financial independence. In this article, we have listed out some tips to help you with the same.

Retiring is the best time to explore things that you love doing. Be it photography, cooking, painting, singing, everything has a place on the internet and hence a good way for you to earn money is through turning the hobby you love into a source of income by posting it online. The internet is a platform and market for every kind of talent there is. Hence, post-retirement, use your time wisely to practice what you love while also making money out of it.

Today there is quite a huge demand for freelancers in probably every industry. Freelancing can help you earn yourself a steady income while keeping a very flexible work schedule. It doesn’t include strict 9-5 jobs or the other complexities posed by regular jobs. Plus with freelancing, you can do just about anything. Content writing, media planning, event management, online tutoring, do whatever it is that interests you, there is a steady way of earning money through it via freelance work. All you require is a good internet connection and the necessary skills.


With age comes wisdom. Hence one of the best things that you can do post-retirement is to use your skills for many years on the trail and provide consultation to new fresh batch of youngsters stepping into the industry. Further, there are always companies in every industry looking for consultants and with a good deal of experience, you can easily use your skills and knowledge to work in such a position and earn money. You can also set up your own consulting firm either offline or even online via posting videos that can help guide the next generation.

It isn’t always necessary that you choose to work again after retirement to earn money. For many people, retirement is their time to relax and take a break from working, when they have been doing so their whole life. In such situations, a good way to earn money is via investing in a mutual fund. Look for the different types of mutual funds and compare their benefits to see what fits best for you. For instance, if you are looking for fixed monthly payments, it is best to go for a systematic withdrawal plan which will ensure that you get a chosen specific amount every month.