How 5 Clickfunnels Dream Car Winners Won

Back in 2014, Russell Brunson and his group created Clickfunnel. Ever since then, Clickfunnel has grown into a $100 million Company. In August 2018, Clickfunnel crossed 6,500 active users.

Almost 300 entrepreneurs have created about 1 million dollar worth of funnels using Clickfunnels.

Along with the product, Clickfunnel created an affiliate marketing program. The affiliate program tagged “Clickfunnels Dream Car” rewards partners with their dream car. And, today, there are several Clickfunnels dream car winners.

How can you become a Clickfunnels dream car winner? Well, we did our research and found some of the winners. We also found out what they did differently that made them a winner.

How Clickfunnels dream car winners won? The first thing to do is, find what works and stay focused on it. Secondly, buy the product and familiarize yourself with it. Also, a majority of the winners testified to the magical power of giving out something to get something. In this case, give something to get subscribers. Lastly, get social with people who have the same goal as you which is to be a winner of the Clickfunnels dream car contest. And, never give up.

How Clickfunnels Dream Car Winners Won?

Ever since the Clickfunnel affiliate program started, there have been several winners of the reward. Some of the top 5 winners include Spencer Mecham, Chris Fong, Greg Jefferies, James Hurst, and Nathan McCallister.

While making research about these top winners of the contest, certain characteristics that made them a winner popped up. They include:

  1. Staying focused on a product that works
  2. Buying and Using the product
  3. Giving out something to get something
  4. Getting social with people working towards the same goal
  5. Never give up

These are the qualities mentioned by these top winners as what made them winners. They went further to discuss each of these qualities as pertaining to them.

1. Stay Focused On A Product That Work:

The truth is, there are several products out there that work. As a beginner, you would want to try your hand on many of these products thinking a combination of them is what will get you there.

This is called the “shiny object syndrome”. Again, the truth is, you don’t have to learn them all to become a success.

Spencer Mecham has something to say about this when asked to give his advice to beginners. In his own words, he said; “pick a platform or a few platforms, master them, and get a system in place to consistently put out content”

According to him, people are usually amazed when they do this and start seeing the result. This is a great quality of Clickfunnel winners.

2. Buy and Use the Product:

Greg Jefferies believes that as someone who is just starting out with Clickfunnels, it is important to actually buy the product and get familiar with it.

As a beginner, it is easy to be tempted into thinking you could just read up on the product and start marketing it. This is a trap many beginners fall into.

You need to buy the product and actually use it. By doing so, you will be in a good position to give answers when referrals start throwing questions at you. That’s the way you are going to succeed in affiliate marketing.

3. Give Out Something To Get Something:

A recurrent characteristic of dream car winners is how they do give away to get subscribers. In fact, all the top five winners actually gave away something to get 100 active subscribers. According to them, the trick is to give away something that people value.

Nathan McCallister recalled how he gave away access to everyone that bought Clickfunnel into a private Facebook group that cost $97 monthly subscription.

John Lee Dumas had to create a course on how to create sales funnels. People found the course so valuable that they purchased Clickfunnels through his link.

This trend of giving away something can be found in the strategy of each and every one of these top five winners. And, it is something that everyone can implement.

4. Get Social With People Working Towards The Same Goal:

Social media is a great way to connect with friends and family. It is also a great way to connect with your audience and make sales.

However, beyond connecting, it can be a great place to do market research and also find out what other marketers, especially top marketers, are doing. Whatever information you get, you can convert that into great content.

For example, while you read posts, you could identify that one of the challenges affiliate marketers are facing is how to drive traffic to their affiliate offers. This then becomes your assignment. Finding out how to drive traffic and then you create content from that.

Chris Fog and James Hurt both recommended getting active on social media as a great strategy and to stay up to date about Clickfunnel. Staying up to date is another characteristic of the Clickfunnel dream car winners.

5. Don’t Give Up:

For someone who is just starting, it is easy to get tempted into giving up on the idea of affiliate marketing when things don’t seem to go as you have dreamt. Greg Jeffries believes the only thing that separates winners from those who are not is that, those who have won their dream car do it by putting in more effort.

According to him, beginners should stop trying to promote hundreds of products and focus on the Clickfunnel. He believes if you stick to it and promote the product in its ecosystem long enough, you will eventually become a winner too.

Most of all, Jeffries recommends that you never give up! Stay with it!


Getting up to 100 active subscribers on Clickfunnel and winning your dream car is a huge task but it is possible. Only create strategies and stay focused.